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    A. Burggraaf
Artist: A. Burggraaf
A very large, solid and heavy art glass vase.
Flowing, organic pink and purple lines in blue background.
Signed Burggraaf okt 10/02
Height: 25.5 cm

Price on request


    Iranian studio glass sculpture
Artist: Iranian
A diamond shaped, heavily sparkling blue glass object with separate transparent base.
From Iranian glass studio.
Diameter: 15 cm

Price on request


    Seguso Vetri d'arte
Artist: Livio Seguso
Very large and heavy art glass object 'Oyster and Pearl'.
In excellent condition.
Signed 'Seguso Arte Vetro'.
Height: 23 cm

Price on request


    Eduard Soukup
Artist: Eduard Soukup
A funky, 60s/70s art glass object. This sculpture was made by Eduard (Edward) Soukup (Czech / Bohemian). Signed on the base.
In excellent condition.
Height 23 cm
Weight 3kg.

Price on request


    Aleksoto Stiklas studio 'Svaja'
Artist: Aleksoto Stiklas
A transparent glass object with air bubbles inside, in an organic, irregular shape.
Made by the Aleksoto Stiklo Studija Lithuania.
Signed on he bottom.
Height: 17 cm

Price on request


    Jan Stohanzl
Artist: Jan Stohanzl
A glass cube 8 x 8 x 8 cm of transparent glass intersected with playful blue lines and air bubbles.
Signed J. Stohanzl, a famous Czech / Bohemian glass artist.
In excellent condition

Price SOLD


    Randy Strong
Artist: Randy Strong
Fabulous dichroic, colorful art glass sculpture by Randy Strong (listed), signed R. Strong 1994.
Authenticity verified by his wife, Susan Strong.
Height: 42 cm
In mint condition.

Price on request


    J. Svoboda
Artist: Jaroslav Svoboda
Triangular heavy glass piece.
In mint condition.
Signed by prof. J. Svoboda, famous Czech / Bohemian glass artist.
Height: 24 cm
Price on request


    V. Zila
Artist: Vladimir Zila
A famous, pencil-shaped glass sculpture made by Vladimir Zila, a well-known Czech / Bohemian glass artist.
Signed "Zila"
Height: 20 cm

Price: SOLD

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